Cultivating skills, tapping artistic talent,  developing innovation in youth



Unfortunate circumstances and regret overwhelm youth we work with, ones on the verge of making life changing decisions. Onward Bound workshops at Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center bring measureable goals of hope to the lives of student inmates and help them merge back into school.  Every one realizes his and her artistic potential as they are captivated by applied activities.   All 14 in class test drive CADD (computer aided drafting and design) in a user friendly way. They receive hands on with easy to use precision digital measuring tools; discover the meaning of today's lean manufacturing; gain MIG welding techniques which help their form of artistic expression; and key into voc. tech basics that can lead to a good 1st step into a company door.


                    Students are guided step by step to:

  • ·         simulate ‘on the job’ activities of the wide open world of industrial manufacturing
  • ·         understand the meaning of some essential terms used by engineers
  • ·         innovate and create by using today’s drafting, modeling, and 3D printing technology
  • ·         experience collaboration and engagement, designing on computer as do today’s scientists and engineers
  • ·         learn by demo welding technology tips from an instructor with long tenure in the field       
  • ·         pick up language used to enhance interviewing skills