A Cry for Help!

Feb. 2008 A woman with a weak voice called OLH one eve, Annie a Chaplain on call answered the phone. .Stephanie began to share how her husband had become very oppresive after having become addicted to alcohol. She had been both physically and emotionally hurt. ( He had kicked her and had broken her ribs approx. seven yrs. ago ) ( He had also threatened to harm her beloved pets approx. seven months ago ) The police escorted her to safety. Annie offered the OLH Headquarters, ( A comfortable and nicely furnished room was available ) Home Free, and Caring Sharing Hands as safe places where she could stay. Counseling and prayers went on for months. Stephanie feels more hopeful today, she is aware that she does not have to stay in an abusive situation. She has options. Operation Living Hope has brought her a fresh start in life. May 2008 Stephanie has also learned to relate better with her husband, and at the same time he will be held accountable for any mistreatment toward her. She is more loving and forgiving toward him, and has made a choice to stay in her almost forty year marriage. Stephanie has told Annie that the endless prayers without seizing, and the counseling have given her hope to go on! Aug 2008 Today Stephanie is partnering with us, looking to Jesus for answers to her problems, in bringing hope and a fresh-start to others.