Lola's Story


                                                             Physical Affliction - Times Two

Lola’s husband has been incapacitated and tied to a life support system for several years in their home on the edge of North Minneapolis. He has been battling a long term form of carcinoma. Up in years, it has been challenging, but Lola has been devoted to her husband’s needs during this time. Nov. 2007 Operation Living Hope has learned that Lola herself is suffering severe shoulder pain. She is due for repair through surgery on Thursday. Her concerns are the high costs of heating their house and the day to day necessities such as transportation and food. Annie, head of OLH, and Karen, a women’s Bible study devotee and counselor, rallied a support team for prayer and supplementation of the physical needs of Lola’s household. Two items were asked from Annie -- a good supply of Annie’s home cooked spaghetti and Lola’s favorite peanut butter cookies. Lola’s request was granted with a week’s worth of both. Jan. 2008 In an arm sling, it is good to see Lola back in church service and into the fellowship. She thanked all for their prayers and her needs which were fulfilled by all. < /div>