Can Not Operate!  




Early 2006, it was devastating to hear that a diffuse tumor behind the eye could not be extracted through surgery. Such is the case with the woman in this story Over the years, Jeanie, has been known to have both the balance of a caring and a care free life. She had cared for her family, her job, and a faithful husband John. As the children had grown, it became time for them to take to the highways and byways of America on motorcycle. An accident out West left Jeanie with injuries which required extensive hospital treatment. On the road to long recovery toward late 2005, all was going better with health until problems developed concerning stamina and balance. Doctors felt it was a temporal matter. But continued experience with dizziness motivated Jeanie in for further exam and MRI. The results came through. Tumorous tissue was seizing sensitive areas areas of the brain. How could this be? This stunning news brought with it a timeline of grief.....some degrees of denial, depression, and acceptance. For Jeanie, Psalm 23 was at hand and a revived desire to have a closeness with the Lord. A key member of Operation Living Hope's (OLH) ministry has been with Jeanie throughout this dissention--ascension process. By first sharing God's all sufficient grace and love, grieving and its stresses have passed more quickly. Also, the teaching of good self care habits such as good nutrition, a close circle of family and friends, a balanced diet, and plenty of exercise and rest were encouraged and practiced Doctors have been amazed at how long Jeanie has thrived so very well. OLH has helped Jeanie with frequent trips to chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and shopping--which Jeanie enjoys. This help has reinforced Jeanie's ability to support her hard working husband with having a clean home to come to on a daily basis. January 1, 08...One thing certain Jeanie has recently been in need of some degree of dependence. Homebound, her eyesight and her ability to walk are currently physical matters to be dealt with. But her faith in the Lord and His will are strong as ever. She loves hearing hopeful passages from the Bible -- and enjoys facials. Operation Living Hope is there serving her with needs. February 1, 08 ... Eternal security ahead? Physical events are changing rapidly. Clinging to life in her own home bedroom, Jeanie is currently under pain management by regular morphine administration and part time nursing care. Jeanie's sole contact with loved ones is a firm hold of their hand. Brother Davey was overcome by grief after a visit with his older sister. God's Spirit has enabled a key member of Operation Living Hope to connect with Jeanie's thinking and heart. She has blessed assurance and is preparing herself to meet her maker. February 8, 08 1PM Jeanie left this world and is now in the presence of Jesus